Why don’t people buy Tata cars in India even after knowing that they are the safest car?

Friends, this question is very good? Friends, I want to tell you about a true incident related to Tata’s car. This may change the mentality of your people.

After reading this question, I remembered about a news which I saw on TV 1 year ago. Let me tell you.

Tata our country

It is the best automobile company. And if I talk about build quality, then I do not think any better than this because I saw in the news that Tata Garhi was a victim of an accident.

In a tata carriage which was tata, Nexon and 5 people of a family were riding in that carriage and they were parking at the same time an electric pole fell on the carriage which was all iron like a train track it occurs. That type that you can imagine how much it weighs.

He was surprised to see that the pillar fell on the top of the fort and was taken care of by that pillar, all this was recorded on the CCTV camera located nearby. And all the people of that family were safely taken out of the thicket.

I was really surprised that how this thicket has managed to handle such a huge pillar. There is no answer to Tata Ki Ghari in terms of build quality.

That’s why friends while buying a condiment, after thinking a little, buy a conduit. Safety is important to you. Or let me pretend, to tell the truth, this is the thinking of people. This is a country company. Therefore not good. A foreign company is good. That’s why people buy Tata’s hard work.

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