Why are there some famous directors who don’t like Avengers?

I agree with them, especially when a legendary and respected director like Martin Scorsese doesn’t need to question his quality when creating films.

Please note, in this country of origin of Hollywood, the quality of the film is really considered and seriously assessed either through critics or direct film audiences. Americans themselves are also very fond of films that are able to make them rack their brains, think far, to create a lot of theories.

In contrast to Indonesia, the minds of many people here have not reached the level of the people there. We are simply presented with films full of action, fights, and market jokes until things that are easy to guess are already liked and auto popular here. Movies like the MCU may be good, but I agree to equate films that even small children can accept with films that are very seriously worked on and scripted in one go is not appropriate.

Superhero-themed films are also actually good marketing tools for the companies working on them. They only think to make as much profit as possible and if possible not only from their films. Then what else? Merchandise, TV Series, Comics, Novels, to Playgrounds. So in the end it’s money, money, and money.

The statement from Scorsese himself was also not sarcastic or envious, he did not sell, it was very wrong. Scorsese has been in the film industry since the 1960s, with the same class as Francis Ford Coppola to Stanley Kubrick. His films are also always successful and attract many actors or actresses who are also able to win prestigious awards such as the Academy Award.

Movies like the MCU don’t deserve to be in the ranks of the most respected or best films of all time just because their income sets a historical record or is watched a lot. No, a great movie is all about quality, not quantity.

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