What should India learn from the war between Russia and Ukraine?

From the structure of your question, it seems that you are also thinking the same answer that most people are thinking, when the Soviet Union was disintegrated, Ukraine was the only country in whose part the atomic bomb was found, why not in human history? The biggest nuclear accident that happened in Soviet times was in present-day Ukraine, In 1700 nuclear weapons were found in Ukraine, but at the behest of Western European countries and America, Ukraine ended all weapons. During the time of the Soviet Union, Russia’s powerful black water bay which was located in the Crimea of ​​Ukraine was handed over to Russia, this is the same Crimea that Russia snatched from Ukraine in 2014, the Soviet Union is militarily very powerful The country was and almost half of the ordnance factories during the Soviet era were in Ukraine, which was closed after the formation of Ukraine.

INS Vikramaditya

The aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, which India acquired from Russia, was also built in Ukraine at the Black Sea Shipyard in Ukraine and was inducted into the Soviet Navy under the name of Baku and when Russia sold it to India, it was only repaired. It took decades because Russia had neither the blueprint nor the efficiency, the first aircraft carrier that China commissioned, the Liaoning, was bought from Ukraine itself with the blueprints in poor condition, and on this blueprint, China itself was a mighty bluewater navy. Whatever frigate India buys from Russia, Ukraine’s Zoya gas turbine engine is installed in it because Russia does not have the capability to make a gas turbine engine, how example, take another, you must have heard the name of its Babur missile, yes it is the same missile whose Test Pakistan keeps on doing it every day to show India, this missile also runs with the help of engine made in Ukraine, but Ukraine did not make any cruise missile for itself, nor made any powerful ship, which weapon it got after Soviet disintegration. He had either destroyed it or was destroyed due to lack of maintenance, the countries of Europe and America had assured him of security, but when he needed Europe and America on this day, no country came forward. Nor was he provided with weapons of such a level that he could compete with Russia, you will laugh to hear that Germany, the largest and most powerful country in Europe, refused to give any help to Ukraine except 5000 helmets, now no one Ask him how that helmet will save Ukraine from the powerful Russian bomb.

Now your question is what India has to learn, then we have to see what mistake Ukraine did and we should not repeat this mistake, Ukraine weakened its powerful army which it had inherited, it has lost its military industry. He could have earned from this industry and could also make his army powerful, so powerful that no country in Europe, except Russia, stands before him in front of military power, the example of Israel is in front of you, a small Due to its military technology, the country is standing in the most dangerous geographical position and the military technology which it had developed for its defense is also earning by making it an industry. The answer is getting longer and I am short of time, so let us return to India, India has to increase its defense preparedness, it is a good thing that we are going into agreements like a quad with more countries but we have to focus on our capability Because when Galvan happened before that in 2017, no country was even willing to criticize China because China is a very strong economic power and no country wants to spoil its relationship with it so much, India should have it’s own economic Should increase power and establish itself as an industrial country, but at the same time India should develop its military capability rapidly, India has done a lot of work in this field but India is the second-largest weapon in the world. and it is very difficult to fight with imported weapons because one is very expensive and countries can impose restrictions on it in times of war, if India wants to become a superpower then it has to work in this area because If there is a fight, then no country will help you, you have to learn your fight, and this war of Ukraine will help us.

  1. First, everyone is seeing how the atmosphere was created against Russia. Means the same morality and humanity. While it’s been 4 days since the war started and Ukraine has just offered to negotiate and find a solution. Now everyone’s sympathies are with Ukraine. Well played America.
  2. Seeing this sympathetic atmosphere, those who are talking about taking POK, they should understand that to attack first means to go with Pakistan this sympathy of the world. So don’t show too much enthusiasm, wait for Pakistan’s mistake.
  3. Russia’s own citizens are protesting. Sleeve snakes are full in India. Meaning if there is a fight with any neighboring country, rain frogs will emerge. You also have to be ready to deal with them.
  4. Ukraine appeals to India to stop the war by talking to Russia. But without any condition and talk of the treaty, get the advocacy done. Later, even if he stabs Russia and India in the back. By the way, it was a good move to put India in the anti-Russian camp. So our diplomacy should remain excellent like this.
  5. The people of our country try to reduce the importance of our country while other countries understand it well.

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