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What Mukesh Khanna said about the the curious case of cooler behind Bhishma Pitamah in ‘Mahabharat’

New Delhi: A few days after ‘Mahabharat’ made a comeback to TV, fans were delighted to watch the epic show again and at the same time, they were also surprised after they spotted in what appeared to be a desert cooler in one of the scenes featuring actor Mukesh Khanna, who played Bhishma Pitamah. Since then, Twitter is filled with memes on the ‘goof-up’. Netizens were also revisited a similar curious case when they found a Starbucks coffee cup in one of the episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ last year.

While one section of the internet believes it’s a major goof-up from the makers of ‘Mahabharat’, others are of the view it is not actually a cooler but a design on the pillar which has a striking resemblance to a cooler.

Now, Mukesh Khanna himself has addressed the debate and in an interview to The Times Of India, he said he first wants to know “who posted the picture of him sitting in front of the cooler.”

“I had been hearing about a picture of mine from the sets of ‘Mahabharat’ going viral where I am shown sitting in front of a cooler, for the past few days. I want to know yeh picture aayi kahan se and secondly yeh kisne spot kiya?” the veteran actor said.

He added, “I doubt if this picture is from a still from the show. And if it is, it is a huge mistake. But from what I can say after seeing it is that it appears to be clicked in between shots. I don’t think such a glaring mistake would have happened from BR Chopra’s side. He was too careful with the making and the editing of Mahabharat.”

However, Khanna further admitted that coolers were used while shooting the show despite having air-conditioned sets as he used to don heavy costumes.

“We were shooting in Film City which was fully air-conditioned. However, since I had such heavy costumes and to top it all a long beard which I had to wear most of the day I used to feel extremely hot,” he said.

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, Doordarshan decided to re-run some of the old shows. They include ‘Ramayan’, ‘Mahabharat’, ‘Circus’, ‘Shaktiman’ and many others. ‘Shaktiman’ was also headlined by Mukesh Khanna.

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