What is the most surprising fact about pregnancy test?

If a man urinates on a pregnancy test kit and gets a positive result, it could be a sign of testicular cancer.

In 2012, an American man found a pregnancy test kit left at his home by his ex-girlfriend. The man jokingly decided to urinate on her. After urinating on the kit, he was shocked to see that the results were positive.

She posted a joke about her experience on the Reddit website, but wise Reddit users suggested she see a doctor. Reddit user said,

You could have testicular cancer! Visit an oncologist, tell them you took a pregnancy test and it came out positive…

The man agreed and went to his local doctor, where a test revealed he had a small testicular tumor. Fortunately, the tumor was caught early, but he still may have had to have one of his testicles removed.

Testicular cancer has a very high survival rate. Even if cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes or organs, men have a 72% chance to spend at least five additional years until the cancer is largely cured.

Even though a pregnancy test can be a sign, most men are diagnosed with testicular cancer by a painless lump in their testicles. Doctors recommend that men meditate while taking a bath to check whether everything is the same as before.


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