Vishal Aditya Singh On Hailing From Bihar: ‘I Faced A Lot Of Rejections For Being Desi’

Vishal Aditya Singh On Hailing From Bihar: ‘I Faced A Lot Of Rejections For Being Desi’



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Vishal Aditya Singh became a household name after her successful stint on the 13th season of the popular reality show, Bigg Boss. However, in a recent interview with TOI, the Begusarai fame actor revealed that he faced a lot of rejections at the beginning of his career due to his diction, poor English, and for being ‘desi.’

Vishal said, “I have gone through a lot of struggle because when I started my journey I was clueless how to go about it. I think when you start enjoying and learning from this struggle period you will be able to survive in the industry for a longer period. As far as I am concerned, mere paas peeche mud ke jaane ka koi option tha nahi… I had seen a struggling life in my village also, so I was not taken aback because of that phase and was prepared for it. I knew that I will have to work hard.”

Vishal Aditya Singh

On being quizzed about coping with rejections, the actor replied, “I think rejections have made me perfect, I would say. I faced a lot of rejections in life right from my village to here in Mumbai. Whenever I got rejected I always told myself I don’t have to listen to them and why are they even talking. I always took rejections and worked on it when they were for my betterment. It is also important who is rejecting you. Like if someone rejected me by saying that my diction was not right, I knew it was my problem and I will have to work on it because I am going to be a part of medium which requires me to speak clearly and fluently.”

He went on to add, “I came from Bihar, so I faced a lot of rejections because of my diction, poor English and being desi and my attitude. But see, now I have managed to play a musician in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, a prince in Chandrakanta and a psycho lover in Begusarai, had I not gone through those rejections, I would have not been able to play those roles. I got the opportunity and I proved my talent by grooming myself and working hard on myself. I am still working on it.”

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