Unique happening on the beach of Goa

In the year 2017, I went to Goa with my friends to take some time off from work.

Around 5 o’clock in the evening, I was enjoying the weather sitting comfortably on the beach of Goa. My friends had gone to the pub at that time so I was sitting alone. Three girls who were 23 to 25 years old ahead of me Maybe they were also sitting and chatting.

After some time, 2 boys also came and sat next to me. They seemed intoxicated, so I sat a little away from them.

Those two boys were staring at the girls in front and singing obscene songs. I felt that these boys should be refused but both of them were very strong in their stature, so I thought to let my friends come and then teach them a lesson.

But at the same time, a girl got up from her place and came towards me very fast. I was frightened by her speedy movement that I do not know what she will say to me now.

Somewhere do not say that people are teasing girls and you are sitting silently like useless.

Now she came very close to me and then she kissed me without saying anything. That too on the lips.

I shuddered and turned away. But she remained standing beside me.

Seeing all this, the lovely boys next to me slipped away.

As soon as he slipped, that girl also went away saying thank you.

And I alone, trying to regain my senses, remained in a state of ignorance for some time.

Even today when I think about that incident, I can’t understand why and how it happened.

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