Throwback interview: When Karan Johar talked about ‘falling in love’ on Niranjan Iyengar’s Zee Café talk show | People News

Throwback interview: When Karan Johar talked about 'falling in love' on Niranjan Iyengar's Zee Café talk show

The glitz, the glam and of course the paparazzi – there’s something about B-Town celebrities that’s truly mesmerizing. Be it their airport looks that make headlines or gossip around them that adds to the jazz, the stardom around Bollywood’s superstars is indeed what makes them who they are. 

And, if you’re someone who’s bitten by the curiosity bug, whose pastime includes stalking celebrities’ social feed and who thrives on all the buzz around B-Town, you are certainly in for an entertaining ride this May! Zee Café, one of the leading English entertainment channels, brings to you a star-studded line-up of Bollywood superstars THEN and NOW in the back-to-back episodes of Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan and Starry nights 2.Oh! airing weekdays at 11AM only on Zee Café and Zee Café HD.

A mega-filmmaker, blockbuster producer and a superstar celebrity; words fall short to describe the multi-faceted powerhouse of talent – Karan Johar who is the first guest in the series which is set to air on Wednesday, May 06, 2020, at 11 AM. From him opening up about his life, people and plans ahead with Niranjan Iyengar in 2014 to him revealing nuggets about his 2.0 version with Komal Nahta in 2019, here’s a superstar who always manages to stay ‘current’.

Back in 2014, Karan is just as frank and flamboyant as he is today. 

Speaking of his fears with Niranjan Iyengar and his thoughts on having a child, Karan shares, “The only thing that gets me worried is aging alone and not having family to lean on when I’m physically invalid. So, that’s my biggest fear in life, loneliness. Further delving into his plans to combat it, the filmmaker reveals, “I’ve thought about getting a dog or a child. Those are my two options. It sounds retarded but it’s true and I’ve been discussing it for a while. I think that’s what I need because I don’t have a relationship, I’m not falling in love, no one’s falling in love with me and I’m not going to find the right person to settle down with. In the absence of that, the next best thing is your own genetic pool so that’s where I got the idea of having a child. All else fails and if that doesn’t work out then there’s always a dog to lean on.”

Speaking about his love-hate relationship with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Karan on the show with Niranjan candidly reveals, “I have an indifferent relationship with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It used to be love and appreciation but over a period of time I think his expectation of me is not something I was matching up to. Today, I just think he has gone into a space of negativity and darkness and I’m sorry because I have no space as I’m all about light and sunshine. According to me, he is an immensely talented man, but I just don’t want to deal with him. It’s as simple as that.”

Cut to present, when Komal questions him about the 2.0 version of himself, Karan reveals, “I have a new energy, new vigor and two wonderful new babies. I’m hoping that with the 2.0 version of my directorial life I will be able to be that filmmaker who not only danced at a wedding but also made great films.”
With that as only the teaser, there’s tons of entertainment in store! Watch out for your favourite celebrity in the blockbuster line-up of the two talk shows on Zee Café.

So, hangout with Bollywood’s biggest superstars then and now as Zee Café airs ‘Look Who’s Talking with Niranjan’ and ‘Starry nights 2.Oh!’ starting May 06, 2020, weekdays at 11 AM.


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