This Indian Man Invented “Anti Suicide” fan

Electric engineer Sharad Ashani is one such person who invented an anti-suicide fan to prevent people from committing suicide with a ceiling fan.

According to reports, out of the many suicides in India, hanging on ceiling fans made Sharad think of a solution to this problem and he decided to start an anti-suicide fan with his company, Gold Life.

So far he has installed more than 50,000 ‘anti-suicide’ sticks in ceiling fans in several hospitals, hotels, hostels, prisons, and government quarters in India. The anti-suicide fan works by means of a spring in which a spring is attached to the rod supporting the ceiling fan and when one tries to hang oneself, the load exceeds the setpoint and the rod is unlocked. The mechanism is activated whereby the rod is detached from the fan and the person is immediately brought back safely to the ground. They started making these rods in 2004 and have been very successful in this business.

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