Things That Indians Do Wrong While Travelling In Airplanes

There are many things that Indians do wrong in airplanes.

Some of them are things like-

  1. 26-A will be the seat and looking at the number from the top of the first seat, we will know whether 26 comes after 8 in Indigo!
  2. As soon as you get a seat, you will first take a selfie as if you have bought a private jet.
  3. You can carry up to 7 kg in hand luggage, but many people put children in the bag and put them upstairs.
  4. It will be said a thousand times that at the time of take-off and landing, keep the seat straight and the lid of the windows open, but still you will find very intelligent people.
  5. Only the uncle who is sitting inside will have to go to the bathroom at least 8 times.
  6. The air hostess will tell that someone has gone to the bathroom, yet they will put a line outside the bathroom like an accessible toilet.
  7. As soon as the flight lands, everyone stands up as if the national anthem has been played.

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