Thief Market Bold Step By Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

The Yogi Adityanath government has closed the notorious Sotiganj market of Meerut district for cutting down stolen vehicles.


In this market, stolen cars would be brought from Delhi-NCR and many parts of the country, and their parts were sold separately. Police seized property worth crores of rupees by identifying two illegal gangsters Haji Iqbal and Haji Galla. is.

Many theft gangs were associated with these shopkeepers who used to train them how to steal and they used to steal the car with the help of online and youtube and brought it to this market where often young people modify their cars. They come to this market to get their favorite parts at a low rate, which are very expensive in the service center. So the police say that the thieves gang were so trained that they could open someone’s car.

A policeman said gangs of car thieves are equipped with laptops, high-end diagnostic kits, and imported key-making machines. These modern devices can open almost every car.

The market is completely closed at this time. Shopkeepers are now preparing for the purchase of shoes, slippers, and clothes, etc. Permission has been sought from the police to open shop-godowns from 35 small junkyards. In fact, the SSP has banned the opening of junk warehouses in Sotiganj till the GST team does not respond to the notice. Police have imposed Gangster Act on 16 junks.

On Sunday afternoon, more than 200 soldiers conducted a flag march in the area and gave a clear warning to those trying to disturb the peace.

More than 2500 cases have been registered against these scrappers. Of these, 37 are those against whom a case is registered under the Gangster Act.

So overall, this is a good step from the side of the Yogi government, here the incidents of theft of people’s valuable cars will be less and the business of thief marketing which is going on in many places in the country will be closed and in every situation. It should be so that it reduces the incidents of theft.

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