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The ever-smiling, fun-loving Sushant Singh Rajput, as remembered by his family

New Delhi: Sushant Singh Rajput was a fun-loving and used to always sport a smile on his face, his cousin Neeraj Kumar Bablu, also an MLA from Bihar, told Zee News in an interview. The family never thought that he could take such a drastic step.

Neeraj said that Sushant often used to speak to his father KK Singh and his sister, but no one ever got a clue that he was under some pressure. “He was like a small child, we met him just last year when he visited our village in Saharsa district of Bihar,” the actor’s cousin added.

Sushant, who was just 34, was found hanging in his apartment in Mumbai’s Bandra on Sunday afternoon. He was said to be under stress and depression for some months. He hailed from Patna, Bihar. He debuted in Bollywood in 2013 and within a short span of time, impressed the people with his acting skills.

His death has opened the nepotism debate again in Bollywood and some A-listers have been accused of hypocrisy and not giving Sushant of what he deserved even after having some good films to his credit.

However, his family thanked the Bollywood stars who paid their tributes to the versatile star. Neeraj said, “We have no idea about the politics that prevails in the industry. If we had little idea of what Sushant was going through, we would have helped him. We even didn’t know about nepotism earlier. Sushant never used to share his thoughts with anyone. With his death, dreams of those aspiring to be an actor have been shattered. If anyone wants to make a name for himself through his talent, please don’t stop them.”

Sushant is survived by his father and four sisters.  He had lost his mother in 2002. Neeraj informed that his father is completely devastated and so are his friends.

“If Sushant doesn’t get justice, more such cases will be reported,” Neeraj concluded.

Sushant’s father, Neeraj and a few other family members arrived in Mumbai for his last rites.

The MLA earlier alleged that the actor was turning out to be a threat for others in the Bollywood industry and that he was pushed to this extent.  He alleged conspiracy behind’s Sushant’s suicide.

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