Sonu Sood On Helping Migrant Workers | Cannot See People Sleep Empty Stomach We Bake Cakes

Sonu Sood On Helping Migrant Workers | Cannot See People Sleep Empty Stomach We Bake Cakes



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Sonu Sood has relentlessly been working to help out those being affected by the Coronavirus crisis. His latest contribution came in the form of arranging transport for migrant workers from Mumbai.

Sonu organized ten buses which took 350 migrant workers home to Karnataka. He sought permission from the Maharashtra and Karnataka governments to do so, and also had packed meals sent for their journeys.

Sonu Sood On Helping Migrant Workers Reach Their Homes

Talking about what made him decide to organize transport for migrants, he said in an interview to Hindustan Times, “People talk about how they don’t know what and how to help. But it’s really possible in so many ways. Every time I went out to get ration, I would see hundreds of people… children, old people, young men and women, carrying heavy loads, walking down the street to get back homes. I would stop them and request, ‘Aap log ruk jao, main kuch intezam karunga’. While some listened, some didn’t. Since that time, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to send these people home.”

He added, “I can’t see people sleep empty stomach while we are baking cakes and desserts at home… There is a place called Kalwa Chowk in Mumbai that many migrant workers have been passing by daily. Early morning, my trucks filled with fruits and refreshments reach the place for these people.”

Sonu had to ensure that the people he helped get back home were not from the red zones and had medical check-ups done. He next wants to arrange transport to states like Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Odisha.

He vowed to not rest until he can help reach as many people home as possible. “I had come to Mumbai with just Rs 5,500 and have earned enough. My mother would say ‘life is all about giving’. If I can’t give back to the society, then this isn’t a good life I am leading. Thinking about what these people are going through while I’m in the comforts of my home, gives me sleepless nights,” he said.

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