Reason Behind So Many Challans Cut For Ratan Tata’s Car

It happened that a call came from Ratan Tata ji’s office to CM Uddhav Thackeray ji’s office that his vehicle MH 01 DK 111 is being cut a lot, but he does not even drive the same vehicle. Why would they violate traffic rules?

So in order to confirm this, CM Saheb engaged his police personnel for vigorous interrogation. Many police personnel and news people gathered to inquire. The shooting of camera also started checking in every square, who is driving this car. Tata sahib is telling that he does not even drive this car much. So who is driving the car with his number plate?

After many inquiries, the result which came out was really very shocking.

It happened that the BMW car was owned by a businesswoman and she was driving that car. The question arises that how was the number of both the vehicles same. The car was in the name of the woman, but good challans were coming to Tata ji.

On further inquiry, it was found that the old number of the woman’s BMW car was MH 01 DK 1110 but a numerologist told her to remove a zero which would be good for her growth. So after listening to that numerologist, removing the zero from the number plate, he changed the number to MH 01 DK 111 which belonged to Tata ji’s car.

That’s why she would drive the car and drive it on Tata ji’s mobile. So see, because of a zero, he had to suffer a lot. Later, the police got that woman legalized.

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