Nausheen Ali Sardar On COVID-19 Lockdown: ‘I Am Getting Very Depressed As I Live Alone’

Nausheen Ali Sardar On COVID-19 Lockdown: 'I Am Getting Very Depressed As I Live Alone’



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A few days ago, actor Amal Sehrawat’s building had been sealed, after a person tested positive for the coronavirus. And now, Kkusum fame Nausheen Ali Sardar has revealed that she too is no longer allowed to step out of her house as a pregnant lady tested positive in a nearby building.

SpotBoyE quoted Nausheen as saying, “The building right opposite mine has been sealed after a lady tested positive. The scary part is that she is pregnant and got this from a hospital when she visited for a regular check-up. I am feeling so bad for her. The ambulance came and took her on Sunday. It’s happening majorly when people are breathing the same air ventilated from centralized air-conditioning. After this incident, even we are not allowed to step out of our building. We have been issued a notice by the society that going out for groceries is allowed only once a week.”

Nausheen Ali Sardar

She went on to add, “I usually take steps to exercise a bit, however, even that is locked up now. My building doesn’t have a compound hence, I can’t even walk and I am getting very depressed because of that sitting at home. I live alone and locked inside my house since March 16. I know we have Internet and stuff to keep ourselves busy but how much can you video call and browse.”

The 37-year-old actress concluded by revealing that she’s consciously staying away from meeting her mother who lives nearby. “Only my pets (4 cats) are with me. I miss my family and you know the irony is my family is in the next lane and I can’t go and meet them. My mother is 65 and I can’t be selfish to go and meet her as I can be a carrier which is dangerous. Thankfully my elder sister is with her and they have a permanent domestic help.”

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