Mysterious incidents which the government has never been able to tell

Death of Sunanda Pushkar – On 17 January 2014, Sunanda Pushkar mysteriously dies at The Leela Palace, Delhi. On January 16, just a day before his death, Sunanda Pushkar and Pakistani journalist Mehr had a clash on Twitter.

Initially, it was said to be a case of suicide, later the post-mortem report revealed that Sunanda Pushkar had a huge quantity of Alprazolam drug in her stomach, 15 places on the body, cut marks, 2 teeth bite marks, and one injection mark. found.

The Delhi Police Commissioner had also considered it a murder, but to date, the killer could not be revealed due to political pressure. The government will know everything but it can hardly be disclosed.

Treatment of HIV – Do you know where HIV / AIDS originated, it is unknown. Some people believe that it started in Africa but many people say that it is a man-made virus. Its treatment has also been discovered but it has been kept hidden from the people.

It is written in the book Taj Mahal or Shiv Mandir – The True Story of Taj Mahal that the Rajputs had built a Shiva temple in place of the Taj Mahal. When the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan defeated the Rajputs, “Mumtaz Mahal” was built instead of the Shiva temple. Some rooms in the Taj Mahal have been closed since the time of Shah Jahan, some researchers believe that there is a temple remains there. The government has not even opened this secret.

Martyrdom of Chandrashekhar Azad- Freedom fighter Azad is martyred during an encounter with the British in Company Bagh, Allahabad. On 27 February 1931, whoever had given information about Azad’s sitting in the Company Bagh to the British officer Nat Bawar, till date the government has not disclosed this. The file of this case and the name of the informer are kept in the record room of Lucknow even today.

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