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Mother's Day 2020: Say 'I love you' mom with these innovative gifts amid lockdown

New Delhi: No matter how much you say it and how many times to say it, ‘I Love You’ mom is never enough! Your love and affection for your mother is beyond words — such is the pure bond of a child with her/his mother. Mother’s Day is dedicated to all the moms who are your first teachers and help a child move towards his goals. You take your first baby steps into this world by holding your mother’s hand.

She is your first guide, mentor and a friend—teaching you about the worldly things and what not! This day is dedicated to all the mothers/motherly figure in your life, so as to make them feel special and loved! Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in most countries, however, there are places where it falls on a different month and date.

This year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 10. 

Amid this lockdown, if you happen to be away from her, don’t be sad, these innovative gifts will bring a smile on your mother’s face. Even if you can’t meet her in person, you can always gift it when life gets back to normal.

Well, for those lucky ones who are staying with your parents. Amid the pandemic lockdown, the best gift for your mommy would be to prepare a lunch, dinner or both for her. Give her a surprise and prepare her favourite meal. Spending time together is what matters the most!

Give your mommy some OTT Gyan and open the digital world to her, if not already. Show her some amazing Netflix, ZEE5, Amazon Prime, Hotstar web-series and movies. Let her just binge-watch the whole day and chill!

Put on a baker’s hat and make that cake or muffin, you always wanted but never did. Let your mom cut a happy Mother’s Day cake with her fam-jam and celebrate the spirit of togetherness. 

Give your creative juices a flex and prepare something innovative for her. It’s the effort that counts and not the price tag – even a nice make-up box or a greeting card by you would make her happy. 

You can actually make the most of this lockdown. Get some snacks in place at home, play music and dance. Let this home party be only for your fam jam and not anyone else. Make your mother feel special by playing her favourite music and let her groove too. When bored, the family can play in-house games together like Monopoly, Carrom, Uno or the very famous Ludo!

Any which way, find some time for your parents, let them know how much you love them.

Here’s wishing our readers a very happy Mother’s Day!


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