Misuse of government facilities

During the time of the MP Congress, for 10 years, the helicopter and jet airplanes of the army were used for personal use and the media did not even know? Sonia Gandhi was only an MP, other than that she has no office, no constitutional post of importance, so how can she get permission to use army airplanes for personal use, who gave this permission? Only five non-military civilians have this right. They are

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Prime

4. Defense Minister

5. Home Minister

The Chief Minister can also get this permission in case of emergency.

Sonia Gandhi did not have any of these posts, but whenever she went out for the campaign, she used to take the army’s MI helicopter or Bombardier jet.

Apache helicopter takes 2000 liters of jet fuel in an hour. That is, apart from the pilot and other staff, one hour also costs Rs 3 lakh. The Bombardier jet is specially designed and its flight cost is five times more than the fighter jet.

Despite being only an MP, with whose permission was these airplanes available to Sonia ji for personal use and favor?

Why has the media never raised its voice till today? Was it not corruption or no desire to see any media?

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