Lara Dutta Says Our Industry Has Always Been Male Driven And Male Dominated

Lara Dutta Says Our Industry Has Always Been Male Driven And Male Dominated



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There are many actresses who have claimed that the Hindi film industry is male-driven and actress Lara Dutta is no different. The Partner actress says the Hindi film industry is still male-driven and doesn’t take women actors/producers seriously.

“Our industry has always been male-driven and male-dominated. There have been interesting conversations that have started in the last few years, including pay disparity, more inclusion. But as a woman I’ve faced (not being taken seriously) on many different levels: as an actor and especially as a producer,” said Lara while speaking to a media agency.

Lara, who made a debut as an actress in 2003 with Andaaz and donned the hat of a producer in 2011 with Chalo Dilli, said that the industry people doesn’t take female producers seriously and look over their shoulders.


Lara said, “No commercial actors were producing their own films when I started. That trend caught on later and today, you have a lot more turning producer, like Anushka (Sharma), Deepika (Padukone). But a lot of times I feel people are very happy to listen to the creative ideas that you have, but not necessarily the business side of things. So they’re constantly looking over your shoulder. You face it pretty much everyday.”

Lara was recently seen in Disney+ Hotstar VIP’s series, Hundred, in which she played a cop.

Lara Dutta On Playing A Cop In Hundred: Finally Got To Know What Bollywood Heroes Feel In A Film

In the same interview, Lara also said that she is a hands-on producer and loves to be involved in all aspects.

“For me, the last one year has been super hectic. Hundred was being shot for four-and-a-half months. I also launched my entrepreneurial line. The work on the production front is still on, a lot of the projects are being done internationally so the writing takes a lot more time there than what happens here. It’s a long process of 9-10 months. So all that is in place, it’s just about rolling it out systematically,” concluded Lara.

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