iPhone 12 Pro Tipped to Sport 5nm A14 Chipset, 5G, 120Hz Display, and USB Type-C

iPhone 12 Pro Tipped to Sport 5nm A14 Chipset, 5G, 120Hz Display, and USB Type-C

At a time like this when half the world is under a lockdown due to a pandemic, launching any new product, especially tech, can be very challenging. While many companies are postponing launches and events, a few such as OnePlus and Apple seem to be chugging along just fine. Apple recently announced the iPhone SE (2020) and rumours are continuing about the company’s iPhone 12 series. New rumours suggest that the iPhone 12 could feature a 5nm A14 chipset, 5G, a 120Hz display, USB Type-C, and reverse wireless charging.

The tipster, who goes by the Twitter handle @L0vetodream, has suddenly risen in popularity due his fairly accurate predictions about Apple launches so far. According to 9to5Mac’s recent report, citing the tipster’s past tweets, the tipster had a fairly accurate prediction about the iPhone SE (2020) launch, as well as the new iPad Pro models. On March 12, the tipster tweeted a list a products that are possibly under development or at least rumoured to be.

Leaving out the products have already been announced, we can expect a new AirPods 3 ‘Lite’, Apple TV, an ARM-based MacBook 12-inch model, HomePod Lite, and four iPhone 12 models. In some other tweets, the tipster has also suggested that Apple could be working on a game controller and that we could expect a new iPad Air with an under-display fingerprint sensor. Considering the tipster’s iPhone and iPad predictions were spot on, it’s possible that we could see the others in the list too at some point in 2020 or even 2021, considering how things go with the coronavirus pandemic.

The AirPods X was also predicted back on March 12, long before we heard the rumour from tipster Jon Prosser about the same. However, the tipster’s most recent tweet focus on predictions about the iPhone 12.

As per the tweet and from some of the replies, it’s suggested that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 Pro will have a 5.4-inch display, while the 12 Pro Max will come with 6.7-inch display. These phones would have 5G modem from Qualcomm, but modified for smaller design. The body will resemble the iPad Pro, similar to what another rumour suggested. The most interesting tip though is that the new iPhone 12 Pro would have a 120Hz display with a variable refresh rate and would be powered by a 5nm A14 chipset.

The tipster also says that Apple would finally get rid of the lightning port in favour of a USB Type-C port. It’s also tipped that Apple would add reverse wireless charging support.

Of course all of this is pure speculation at this point, so take all these predictions with a pinch of salt. However, we have been hearing similar rumours to @L0vetodream’s predictions. 5G iPhone models are reported to be on schedule, despite the lockdowns and the its new A14 chip is slated to go in to production in the second quarter.

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