Here’s Why Salman Khan Decided To Release Tere Bina Amid Lockdown: We Wanted To Keep Ourselves Busy

Here's Why Salman Khan Decided To Release Tere Bina Amid Lockdown: We Wanted To Keep Busy



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Salman Khan has kept himself busy during the past seven weeks of quarantine by helping spread awareness about the deadly Coronavirus and urging his fans to stay safe. The actor has also been donating funds and ration to the underprivileged at this time of health crisis. Salman also released two singles titled, Pyaar Karona and Tere Bina, with the latter’s music video launching today.

Salman Khan Shot For Tere Bina To Keep Himself Busy

The music video for Tere Bina features Jacqueline Fernandez, who also has been staying with the actor at his farmhouse in Panvel, along with his family and friends. Salman Khan, during an interview, got candid about singing and releasing the songs among lockdown. He revealed his neighbour in Bandra had been asking him to sing songs.

Tere Bina Origin

Tere Bina Origin

Salman had originally crooned Tere Bina for his neighbour, but never used it in any of his films. “Back home in Bandra, we have a neighbour, Ajju (Ajay) Bhatia, who would keep asking me to sing for him. So far, I have sung four songs for him. Tere Bina is one of those. It wasn’t fitting into any of my films, so we decided to release it now.”

Releasing Songs During Lockdown

Releasing Songs During Lockdown

When asked why did he release the songs during the lockdown and how they managed to shoot for it in isolation without a team, Salman said, “About seven weeks ago, when we came to the farm, we didn’t know that we would be here under a lockdown. So, we wanted to keep ourselves busy, and that’s when we decided to do these songs.”

Jacqueline On Tere Bina

Jacqueline On Tere Bina

Jacqueline, who was also a part of the lockdown candid conversations, said, Tere Bina was shot with just the help of 3 people, Salman, her and their DOP. A report in Pinkvilla said, Salman directed the song while Jacqueline was in charge of props and lighting on their makeshift set at the farmhouse.

Tere Bina

Tere Bina

The song has reportedly been composed by Ajay Bhatia and written by Shabbir Ahmed. The romantic track’s music video showcases Salman’s Panvel farmhouse and its surroundings, giving a glimpse into their life during the quarantine.

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