Here’s The First Car Came Out of Maruti’s Factory

The car was bought by Harpal Singh, a resident of Delhi, who was an employee of Air India. The keys of this car were handed over to Harpal by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on December 14, 1983. When this car was initially sold, a lucky draw was held for it, after which Harpal Singh got this car. Maruti Suzuki 800 came to India as the cheapest car in the country, which was called the car of the people. Maruti Motors Limited formed a joint venture with Suzuki Motor Corporation in 1981, after which the production of this car started.

Today the first Maruti Suzuki 800 to be made in the country is lying in an unclaimed condition. Harpal Singh, the first owner of the Maruti Suzuki 800 is no more in this world and his wife is also not in this world. His car is parked outside the house located in Green Park in Delhi.

About 20,000 people had booked the car, but when the name was drawn through a lottery draw, the name of Harpal Singh of Delhi came out and the keys of the car were handed over to him by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi herself.

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