For Just One Dollar (US$1) You Can Buy This of The World

For just one dollar (US$1) you can buy this in various parts of the world:

1. A plate of Egyptian Koshari.

2.Chipsi Mayai Tanzania.

3. Chicken Porridge in Indonesia.

4.Aji de Gallina in Peru.

5.10 Nepalese Momo Dumplings.

6. One Small Bottle of Coca-Cola in Hong Kong.

7. The Size of a Bread Grip in the UK

8. Roll Cake Kurtoskalacs, Hungary.

9. A roll of Kimbab Vegetables in South Korea.

10. Roll of Shawarma in UAE.

11.2 Kg of Potatoes in Russia.

12. A Bottle of Milk in North Korea.

13. A Glass of Beer in the Czech Republic

14. A cup of Italian Espresso.

15. A full meal until full in India.

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