FIR Star Aamir Ali On COVID-19 Lockdown: ‘I Do Feel Low Sometimes In Quarantine’

FIR Star Aamir Ali On COVID-19 Lockdown: ‘I Do Feel Low Sometimes In Quarantine’



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Like most of us, Aamir Ali is currently homebound during the COVID-19 lockdown. In a recent interview, the FIR fame actor opened up about the new normal whilst admitting that it does get lonely at times in quarantine.

Aamir said, “An idle brain is the devil’s workshop and since we’ve got so much time in hand to think, we sometimes start over thinking and feel low. I do have my off days. Sometimes I feel it’s enough and I want things to get back to normal and step out of the house. But the best thing to do in this situation is to keep yourself busy.”

Aamir Ali

The 42-year-old then revealed that he has been watching a lot of world cinema to hone his craft. “It’s inspiring to see some amazing stories, especially German and Spanish shows, and there is something to take back from all other actors’ performances.”

On being quizzed about Ramzan festivities amid the pandemic, Aamir replied by stating that it is a great time to pray for the eradication of the disease and wish for good health to everyone. He went on to add, “If the lockdown continues, I’ll celebrate Eid with my mom and tai (housemaid) at home. We can’t help in this situation, but stay at home. Quarantine has taught us one thing — health is of supreme importance, and rest everything else can wait.” (sic)

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