Esha Gupta Says People Are Calling Themselves Gareeb When They Call Her Gareebon Ki Angelina Jolie

Esha Gupta Says People Are Calling Themselves Gareeb When They Call Her Gareebon Ki Angelina Jolie



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Esha Gupta is often compared to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. While someone in her place may take it as a compliment, a few trolls have made the compliment annoying for her by calling her ‘gareebon ki Angelina’. However, Esha has a befitting reply to the trolls. She points out that they are calling themselves ‘gareeb’ when they say that.

Esha Replies To Trolls Calling Her Gareebon Ki Angelina

Speaking to Bollywood Life, Esha opened up on how she used to re-troll trolls who called her ‘gareebon ki Angelina’. She said, “She’s (Angelina) one of the hottest women. You know what annoys me, well…not anymore, but what used to annoy me was when people would be nasty earlier, and would love to troll…now they’ve become less bitter. However, people would call me, ‘Oh…gareebon ki Angelina Jolie (the poor man’s Angelina Jolie).’ And, I used to say, ‘Yeah, but you’re calling yourself gareeb (poor) there.’ I’m not saying that, I did not ask to look like this, it’s my parents’ production and I look like


When asked if she thinks there is a resemblance between her and Angelina, she said, “Yeah, I do, but, I’ll be honest, I still don’t see it (the analogy with Jolie’s visage). Well, I may have seen it a couple of times, when people do that collage with two posters. So, at that time, the pictures they actually picked up, even I was like, ‘Okay maybe.’ Also, for me, I’ve always felt that I look like my mother. But, when people say it, and like I said, when they put the pictures together, then I’m like, ‘Yeah, maybe.”

With regard to work, Esha will next be seen in Desi Magic, starring alongside Ameesha Patel, Zayed Khan and Sahil Shroff.

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