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Emmy winner Tony Shalhoub, wife contracted coronavirus COVID-19

New York: Emmy-winning actor Tony Shalhoub has revealed that he and his wife contracted COVID-19 last month in New York.

“The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” star opened up about his diagnosis in a video for Peacock Presents At-Home Variety Show, reports dailymail.co.uk.

The 66-year-old actor is married to Brooke Adams, 71.

“It was a pretty rough few weeks,” he said, adding: “But we realise that so many other people have and have had it a lot worse.”

Shalhoub did the video from the living room of his highrise apartment in the city. He was seen sitting on a sofa while stroking his pet dog.

“Stay safe and stay sane,” he said, after which he got up and went to his balcony to applause and salute the frontline workers.

In a segment for the At-Home Variety Show, he also reprised his role as the beloved Adrian Monk from “Monk”. He is a retired detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder and other phobias. The video imagined how Monk would deal with the current coronavirus crisis.



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