‘Broadway’ actor Nick Cordero’s leg to be amputated due to coronavirus complications | People News

'Broadway' actor Nick Cordero's leg to be amputated due to coronavirus complications

Washington DC: Eighteen days after getting treated for COVID-19 at the intensive care unit of the hospital, ‘Broadway’ actor Nick Cordero has been asked to get his right leg amputated to treat the complications caused by the highly contagious virus.

According to Variety, Cordero`s wife Amanda Kloots had revealed the news of the amputation on Saturday.

As per the outlet, the actor was administered with thinners for clotting in his leg but the treatment had turned problematic when it led to internal bleeding in his intestine.”They had him on blood thinners for the clotting and unfortunately, the blood thinners were causing some other issues — blood pressure and some internal bleeding in his intestines,” Variety quoted Kloots as saying.”We took him off blood thinners but that again was going to cause some clotting in the right leg. So, the right leg will be amputated today,” she added.

The ‘Broadway’ actor had been admitted to the ICU on March 31 as he was facing trouble while breathing and for severe pneumonia sickness.

Previously, his wife had revealed to People magazine that despite testing negative for coronavirus twice, doctors are convinced that Cordero is fighting COVID-19, leading to a third test. 

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