Bhumi Pednekar Remembers Her Late Father With An Emotional Poem: ‘Miss You Every Day’

Bhumi Pednekar Remembers Her Late Father With An Emotional Poem: 'Miss You Every Day'



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Bhumi Pednekar lost her father Satish Motiram Pednekar to cancer when she was 18. Since then, her mother took charge of the family in her hands, and made sure that the actress and her twin sister Samiksha emerged as warriors.


Recently, the Pati Patni Aur Woh actress penned a heartfelt poem for her late father on his birth anniversary. Sharing a bunch of candid pictures of him, Bhumi spoke about all things she misses about him, and also shared how she along with other family members, his favourite food, rituals he performed during festivals and all the things he did for them.

Bhumi began her post by writing, “Happy birthday Papa…I miss you everyday,every minute and every second… But then,I see you everywhere …When I look at myself, my eyes just like yours…When samu smiles,her smile is full of that same mischief …When we trouble mom and she says – you both are just like Satish. When we do some good,she says – you both are just like Satish.”

Speaking about how her mother, aunt and others remember him, she continued, “When mom speaks about you she blushes like a teenager, that small little tear lights up her eye,with happiness and undying longing and love for the love of her life. When Subhash kaka tell us about your epic escapades and courage .Your kindness and generosity – ‘Arre our Satish was a king with a heart of gold ‘ – he says. Every Ganesh Chaturthi when Pinky Bua misses her brother and baddi her son – ‘aarti toh Satish karta tha ‘ ‘Satish ke pasand ke aloo puri’ were made every time with so much love. Every Eid at Rashid kaka’s and the fun we had, I’m sure he misses his friend and all your pranks.”

Bhumi also shared her fond memories with him and wrote, “I remember each morning that you woke me up with that bitter karela juice, all the sour world news and your sweet sweet smile. I remember each night that you stayed up with me during my exams… I remember every-time you fed me with yours hands…Every-time you prepared that hot water bottle for my cramps…Every-time i manipulated you for the things I want …Every-time you pretended like, nothing I said was false …Every time you picked me up from school and we listened to Madonna on our way back…Every-time you picked me up in life and taught me a new hack…”

“Every-time I pretended to sleep post our bedtime…Every-time I sneaked out of the house which was a crime , And now I know you knew it all,you let me make my mistakes cause you knew life was short. Every cricket and football match that we watched…Every birthday of ours,where you made us feel like we were gods …Every failure of ours was celebrated and every success learnt from. You taught us to love all and made us strong,” wrote Bhumi.

“Every time they say, you both are just like Him.I miss you even more cause I wish you could have seen the ‘You’, that we have become. #SatishMotiramPednekar #HappyBirthdayPapa #MissYou,” signed off the actress.

Earlier, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Bhumi shared, “I strongly feel since my dad passed away, we constantly feel his presence. It is all him because of whom our lives changed. Our both coming of age, everything happened in sync. It was incredible. I really feel it is my father’s energy and he is just blessing us. Somewhere we are a product of our father, and we look very similar to him.”

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