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Aruna Irani on Chintu baba: Where will you find such yaarana?

Aruna Irani and Rishi Kapoor featured in many films together in the seventies and eighties — “Sargam”, “Khel Khel Mein” and “Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani” — to name a few. But it was the song “Main shayar to nahin” picturised on the two in Rishi’s debut film “Bobby” that remains stamped on everyone’s minds and hearts.


Mumbai: My Chintu baba! He was a nice and jovial person. He was good to each and every person. He came from a rich family — the Kapoor family. Everyone knows who they are. He was so good and a comfortable artiste to work with. We used to call him Chintu baba.

“Bobby” was his first film. His father (Raj Kapoor) used to scold him, still he used to not feel bad. In such cases, kids get conscious but he never felt conscious. If his father would say something to him, he would say it’s for his best. As an actor, of course, he was very good but he was also a very good human being. He used to never eat lunch on his own. He would sit down with everybody and eat. The dostana (friendship), yaarana… Where will you find it?

I have done many films with him. There’s one incident. We had gone to some remote place for a film’s shooting. There were so many mosquitoes that used to bite us. It was difficult to sleep because of that. Back then there were no good hotels also. We told Chintu baba that we will die. Even he said ‘Aruna ji mai b mar gaya mujhe neend nai arahi hai (Even I am dead, I am unable to sleep). What should I do?’ I said ‘We can’t say anything but you are the hero, so you only say something’. Then he told the film’s producer. I don’t remember the film’s name. He said it was not possible to work in the morning like this, so shift the location. Then the location got shifted.

It’s been many years since we worked together but he used to be so nice. We used to be in touch on WhatsApp. We spoke about his health. I was happy to see him return after his treatment. Then a few days later he said he was going to work. I was so happy then I stopped asking him because I thought he was out of this trap. He had started working, so I thought he had improved but he ditched us.

I still love him. May his soul rest in peace. He was a fabulous person.

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