Arjun Kapoor Didn’t Want Janhvi And Khushi Kapoor To Go Through Hell After Sridevi Passing

Arjun Kapoor Didn’t Want Janhvi And Khushi Kapoor To Go Through Hell After Sridevi Passing



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Arjun Kapoor became a pillar of support to his half-sisters Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, when their mother Sridevi passed away in 2018. Arjun knew, from the loss of his own mother Mona Shourie, that the two sisters needed everything they could get, to not go through the experiencepainfully, as he did.

In a recent interview, Arjun shared what made him stand by Janhvi and Khushi in their time of need, the way he did. It was the wish that someone had stood by him and guided him during his own bad days.

Arjun On Supporting Janhvi & Khushi After Sridevi’s Passing

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Arjun said, “You don’t always connect to dots. I reacted to situations the way they happened in real time. Couple of years now today, it’s easier for people to assess. My mother taught me to be a good human being, to be as decent to other people as possible. In that moment, I felt it right to lend my support in whatever capacity I could and be there to start with for my father. It also meant that we got a chance to know Khushi and Janhvi. The maturity comes from the fact that I have seen life. If my life was shaken and uprooted at one point and if I can stabilize someone else’s to make sure they don’t go through the hell that I did.”

He continued, “I know that when something like this hits you, you need people around you. I didn’t have enough people when it happened to me. I wish I had someone sensible to guide me through it too. I hope I can part some wisdom and help Janhvi handle the bad days. I take tremendous pride in being my mother’s son. If I’m able to put the unfortunate part of my life to use to make someone else’s life better, I would always do that.”

It has to be recalled that Sridevi died of accidental drowning in 2018 in Dubai.

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