Anil Kapoor Writes Super Inspiring Note On The Need To Build Immunity, Impresses Fans

Anil Kapoor Writes Super Inspiring Note On The Need To Build Immunity, Impresses Fans



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Anil Kapoor has surprised fans with his incredible body transformation. The actor followed an intense workout schedule during the Coronavirus lockdown, and has now emerged looking years younger.

Continuing to inspire his fans to take care of their bodies, Anil wrote a lengthy note about building one’s immunity to fight external aggravators like Coronavirus. He stressed on the need to first work on our minds so that it is willful when it comes to working out the body.

Anil Inspires Fans With A Note On The Need To Build Immunity

Sharing pictures where he can be seen flexing his muscles, Anil wrote, “Some mornings are tougher than others. Some days I would rather hide another hour under the covers . But my work out, my fitness regime will still be waiting when I do roll back the covers. That’s why our mind plays such an important part in any health drive. The long-term solution to fighting microbes like Covid-19 is not complete isolation or endless disinfecting, but building immunity of the body and mind to fight any such external aggravators, because this is not the first or the last one.”

He continued, “Our mind is the one part of the body we have to work the hardest on, and yet the results of this hard work may not always be manifest to others. There is no mind bicep to flex no brain six pack to show off . But mind is what will make the difference to a successful health kick. Every day, the first thing I flex is the power of my mind to get up get rolling, move beyond what obstacles it has placed in my way , remove what clouds of doubt have come over me . If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t. Either way, you will prove yourself right . So embrace the mind and start your day by first flexing your will power and your resolve. #mondaymotivation.”

Anil’s fans continue to be impressed by his willpower. One of them reacted, “Wowww those triceps,” whereas another wrote, “Truly an inspiration.”

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