Amazing Designer & Engineer of Mukesh Ambani’s House Antilia

Mukesh Ambani has chosen his architect and contractor very carefully. Possibly- They looked at the best construction firm across the world and selected a team until they were satisfied with their previous work.

The name of the contractor is CIMIC Group or Litton Holdings which was established in 1949. Following are some of the mega projects made by him.

Anglo-Australian Observatory Australia

Airport Link, Brisbane

Ross Dam

Gateway Bridge, Australia

And, the architecture of Antilia is by Perkins and Will. This company is established in 1935. The only firm that has created amazing.

Van Buren, Chicago, Illinois

Chase Tower, Chicago

Duke University, Ann Carolina.

Claire, Chicago

International School of Beijing

Notice the similarities in the way the site is selected and constructed. All the projects were in congested areas with available land. Be it herds through forests and buildings in congested areas or dams. Similarly, the site of Antilia has similar properties; Surrounded by slums, narrow roads, and spare areas. Together they produced Antilia in Mumbai.

There is an interesting fact that I saw in a TV program- that is why the Ambani family decided to reside on the top floor of the building, i.e., below the floor of the ATC control room. There were two reasons:

Nita Ambani wanted that the view of the Arabian Sea could be taken from her room from the scorching sun of the sun. The building is just 700 meters from the coast.

Family members are more likely to use their own private flights than their luxury cars. So it is easier to reach the helipad at the top than the car parking area below.

Antilia is the much-talked-about ‘private luxury home‘ in the world after Buckingham Palace; Less about the exteriors and a lot more about the interior specifications.

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