6 Smart Travel Hacks While Traveling In Indian Railways

6 Smart Travel Hacks While Traveling In Indian Railways –


Keep a printed ticket with you even in this digital age to stick to the safe side, because sometimes it may happen that your phone charge drops to 0% with no option or all of a sudden the phone is lost And at the same time when the TC asks you for the ticket, you can get into trouble in that scenario. Although on the train you can show your id and TC can match it with a list which he does but the real concern is on a platform where they have no list and when caught without a ticket they will not listen to you, So imagine how things could go wrong.


Always carry your own food and ignore train food as much as possible because those salespersons are unhygienic most of the time. They climb every part of the train even toilets, and stairs while crossing coaches in a moving train and mostly they use their right hand to maintain balance as they carry heavy loads on their heads. And with the same dirty hands, you serve food. So from next time either take home-cooked food or wait for the arrival of some big station and get food from there

If You Read CAG Report On Railway Catering, You Will Never Eat Food On Trains

During the joint inspection of 74 stations and 80 trains… the audit observed that cleanliness and hygiene were not being maintained in the stations and in the catering units in the trains. No water used directly from the tap, used in the preparation of beverages, dustbins not covered, not regularly emptied and washed, they were exposed to flies, insects, and dust, rats and cockroaches Food items were not covered to protect against Etcetera.,”

It added that “contaminated” food and food “unfit for human consumption” are also being served at the stations. “The shortfall was noticed in terms of the quality of the food served. Articles unsuitable for human consumption, contaminated food items, recycled food items, shelf life expired packaged and bottled items, unauthorized brands of water bottles, etc. were submitted for sale at the station.


Plastic water bottles that you buy and after empty please don’t throw them away at once because they can be used by you in the toilet because we can replace mugs and use bottle for the toilet can and then crush it and throw it away. Avoid using mugs placed in train toilets as there are chances that blind persons, children, or elderly persons may urinate in them or some people enjoy doing so.


Try to buy a newspaper, it may cost you around 3–4 INR. On travel when you are bored, you may like to read it and you can cover the seat with the same newspaper while sleeping if a bed sheet is not provided. Train seats are really dirty because people put their feet, and dirty backs on the seat and you don’t like to have your face or body on that bare dirty seat.


Never allow any unknown person to put your phone in charge where you are sitting as it can be a ploy to blackmail you.

Imagine someone plugs his phone near your set and requests you to keep an eye on his phone and leave the place, but meanwhile, you don’t feel his face properly and another person After a few minutes his friend came to remove the phone. And you let him think he’s the same person.

But then the twist comes when 1 person comes back to pick up his phone and starts arguing and abusing you and intentionally accuses you of stealing his phone.

Now according to their plan, their own friends can go on creating a crowd on the seat and abusing or hitting you. And practice crowding and engaging you and your fellow passengers in the argument that they will pick up your luggage or phone, or purse and many passengers will be quietly robbed. You will realize after some time that it was a ploy to fool you and rob you..! be careful


If you have missed out on hand-wash or paper soap at home and you are looking for an alternative to wash your hands then using your toothpaste or even face-wash as a hand wash replacement is a very good idea. of them. Very convenient to even carry a few sachets of 1 rupee shampoo as per the duration of the trip, the shampoo works really well in handwashing as well as is quite easy to carry in your pocket to the washroom.

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