World Environment Day: Tahira Kashyap shares 5 tips to stay in ‘sync with nature’ | People News

Mumbai: On World Environment Day, filmmaker-writer Tahira Kashyap Khurrana has come up with five tips to stay in “sync with nature”.

Taking to Instagram, she posted a video in which she is seen explaining her tips to all.

From “not littering the streets by throwing garbage” to “not destroying plants and rather do some gardening at home” and “saying no to plastic and adapt to glass and wood for our everyday necessities”, Tahira urged everyone to follow such tips in their lives to keep nature beautiful.

She also suggested to go green by including a lot of veggies in everyday diet.

Lastly, she advised everyone to cleanse their minds and internal self.

Speaking about the video, Tahira said: “Seeing the current situation and the world we are living in right now, it’s pretty much the reflection of the causes that we have created in the past. We have a tendency to think that we and the environment are two different entities but I feel it’s time we realise that our environment and we are one. In order to have a better future, devoid of global warming, floods, viruses and cyclones, we need to make the correct causes in our present. This is why I thought to share these quick tips which are very doable. It’s something that each one of us can accomplish.”


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