When Virat Kohli Left Anushka Sharma Behind On Hearing A Fan Call Out His Name

When Virat Kohli Left Anushka Sharma Behind On Hearing A Fan Call Out His Name



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Over the weekend football star, Sunil Chhetri along with India cricket team captain Virat Kohli interacted with fans over a live chat show called, Eleven On Ten. Virat during the chat spilled many secrets about his relationship with Anushka Sharma, the most hilarious incident was when Virat left Anushka behind after hearing a fan call out his name.

When Virat Kohli Left Anushka Sharma Behind On A Bhutan Trip

Sunil Chhetri revealed to their fans that during a trip to Bhutan, last year Kohli left his wife behind while on a cycling expedition. Kholi revealed details about the expedition and said, “We went there very discreetly and there were a lot of Indian tourists. So our guide was with Anushka, and I was on a bike because I was cycling fast. So there was a crowd there and someone looked at me and shouted that ‘he looks like Virat Kohli’. I don’t know what happened to me that I cycled so fast and when I looked back, she was not there,”

However, Anuska also had a savage response for her husband, “When I realized Anushka was left behind, I made a U-turn. And she acted as if she does not know me. I was saying sorry and she was not even looking at me.” Virat added.

Sunil and Virat also talked about Kohli’s cricketing career and the role his father played in that journey. Virat revealed he has an obsession with eating right and how he is dealing with the quarantine life. Talking about another incident from Virat and Anuska’s travelling escapades, Chhetri said, while Anushka is always present at Virat’s matches he fell asleep when he met to meet Anushka on her set.

Chhetri asked Virat about when he flew London to visit his wife on set and fell asleep within a few minutes. Kohli in his defence said, “I reached in the night, went to the shoot directly. But absolutely jet lag will kick in. So when I felt sleepy, I did not get the hotel room, I slept on the film set only.”

Meanwhile, Anushka who was also present in the same room during the live chat yelled out, “liar” in the background.

According to Chhetri, Virat did the same when Anushka was shooting for a movie in Prague. “When did I sleep in Prague when? My only weakness in life is sleep and when I am jet-lagged I can not stay awake. Actors have already such tough schedules and it was my bad luck that I went on her shoots jet legged both the times. What can I do now?” Virat added.

The couple is currently enjoying their time together during their lockdown period. They were recently seen together during the I For India concert, raising awareness about COVID-19 and funds for India’s fight against the pandemic.

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