Vikas Gupta Comes Out As Bisexual; Reveals He Was In A Relationship With Parth Samthaan For 2 Years

Vikas Gupta Says Parth Samthaan Doesn't Want To Clear His Name On Molestation Charges!



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Vikas Gupta recently made a video calling out industry friends and colleagues especially Parth Smathaan, Shilpa Shinde, and Priyank Sharma for blackmailing and threatening him. He opened up about facing mental pressure and decided to speak up after feeling shooked by Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death.

And now, Vikas has surprised everyone by coming out as bisexual on Twitter. The producer wrote, “Hi Just wanted to let you know a tiny detail about me. I fall in love with the human regardless of their gender. There r more like me. With #Pride I am Bisexual #VikasGupta PS No more being blackmailed or bullied #priyanksharma #ParthSamthaan ThankU for forcing me to come out 😊” (sic).

Vikas Gupta

This was closely followed by Vikas making another video addressing the accusations made by Parth and Priyank. He stated, “I would like to tell you, Parth and Priyank have never been forcefully touched or done things because both don’t mind being touched by boys.”

Vikas then went on to reveal that his first relationship was in fact with Parth Samthaan and it lasted for almost 2 years. He continued and stated that Parth ended up filing cases against him once things went kaput between them. The former Bigg Boss contestant added that the only reason he remained silent was that Parth had come back to him after 3 years and he forgave him and decided to not speak publicly about the relationship as it would have had an adverse effect on Parth’s career.

Vikas Gupta

As for Priyank, Vikas said, “Priyank Sharma was the boy I was in a relationship with. I and Priyank started out as really good friends but then it turned into something else. Priyank is a very complex and confused child.” He even revealed that Priyank lived at his place for 1.5 years, following which they decided to enter the Bigg Boss house.

Vikas also thanked Karan Kundrra and Ekta Kapoor for their support in helping him accept his sexuality. He wrote, “I am thankful #karankundra for all these years even after knowing about my sexuality you chose to stand by me even though people would gossip about u too but you dint leave my side and was there like an older brother protecting me .M for making me realise it’s okay And Ekta di for the only one who has been there no matter what and I will be there no matter what Gayu Maam Thanku for the call yesterday. This is what came out of it #Lostsouls I have a family . Thankyou for taking care of me.” Check out the entire post and video below:

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