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Vat Purnima Vrat 2020: Tithi, puja vidhi and legend associated with the festival

New Delhi: For married women, Vat Purnima Vrat holds a significant value. On this day, devotees observe fast and pray for the well-being of their husbands. Vat Purnima will be celebrated on June 5. It is observed during Jyeshtha Purnima. The festival is generally observed by married women in Maharashtra, Gujarat and South Indian states. Vat Purnima Vrat is similar to Vat Savitri Vrat. The belief behind observing fast is the same. A banyan tree is worshipped during Vat Purnima Vrat too.

Vat Purnima Vrat Tithi:

According to, the Purnima tithi begins at 3.15 on June 5 and ends at 12:41 am on June 6.

The legend associated with Vat Purnima Vrat:

A childless Royal couple Asvapati and Malavi worshipped Lord Savitra to seek his blessings. They were blessed with a daughter and she was named Savitri.

She grew up to be a very beautiful woman and was given the liberty to marry a man of her choice. She chose Satyavan. Sage Narada informs her father that she has chosen the best man but he is not suitable for her because he is short-lived. Even after learning about Satyavan’s short life-span, Savitri decides to marry him.

Three days before his predicted end, Savitri decides to do penance by fasting. Three days later, as predicted, Satyavan breathes his last. He falls on Savitri’s lap while cutting wood in the forest where they had been living for long. Savitri places his lifeless body under a banyan tree and starts worshipping to get her husband’s life back.

Lord Yama emerges to take his soul but Savitri stops him. On seeing him, she heaps praise on him and appreciates him for upholding Dharma. Impressed by her words, Yama decides to grant her a boon stating that she ask for anything but the life of Satyavan.

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