TV Actors Sreedhar And Jaya Kalyani Commit Suicide In Chennai

Actors Sreedhar And Jaya Kalyani Commit Suicide In Chennai



oi-Sruthi Hemachandran


Popular television actors and siblings, Sreedhar and Jaya Kalyani were found dead at their residence in Chennai. Allegedly, they died of suicide. Apparently, the duo’s neighbours sensed a foul smell emanating from their building and alerted the police. Their body was recovered in a decomposed state in Kodungaiyur Muthamizh Nagar by the police.


As per reports, both actors were going through a financial crisis due to the current shutdown of the television industry, owing to the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown, and therefore decided to end their lives. The dead bodies found by the police were sent immediately for postmortem to the Stanley Hospital. For now, the probe is on and the police is yet to find out the reason behind the actors’ suicide.

Two other Indian TV actors, Preksha Mehta and Manmeet Grewal, died of suicide last month. They were also reportedly depressed due to lack of work during the lockdown period. Even though shoots of TV shows and films have resumed in parts of the country, there is still a scarcity of work in both the industries.

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