Taimur Has An Epic Reaction To Being Called Gorgeous After Crashing Saif Ali Khan’s Interview

Taimur Makes A Cameo In Saif Ali Khan's Interview Yet Again



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Taimur Ali Khan has been making cameo appearances during his father’s online interviews throughout the quarantine. While he usually shies away from saying much, this time, the star kid had an epic reaction to being called gorgeous.

Taimur Has An Epic Reaction To Be Called Gorgeous After Crashing Saif Ali Khans Interview

Taimur stole the limelight while his actor-father Saif Ali Khan was in conversation with journalist Anupama Chopra. In a video clip shared by Anupama on Instagram, Taimur can be seen surprising everyone with a visit. Saif apologised for it but Anupama is happy to see Taimur join them, she also calls him ‘so gorgeous’. On hearing the compliment Taimur quickly replies, “I am not.”

Saif then tells Taimur that “She is saying you are handsome. Say ‘thank you’.” Taimur in an adorable manner says thank you to Anupama.

Taimur Drops In To Say Hello

Taimur Drops In To Say Hello

The clip also shows Saif talking about his iconic character from Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara. Saif said, “Somebody wrote an article on me in those days that if he keeps doing films like Being Cyrus and Omkara, he will be out of work.” He also shows off his favourite picture from an old photoshoot, which has the actor’s face covered in jewellery.

Saif Ali Khan Also Talked About Working On Films Like Omkara

Saif Ali Khan Also Talked About Working On Films Like Omkara

Earlier in March, the star kid had made an appearance in Saif’s TV interview while wearing Hulk mask and gloves. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the munchkin and took to the comments section. One user wrote on Anupama’s post, “Such a cute special appearance,” while another commented, “That taimur cameo though. Does he say ‘I am not’ to your he is so gorgeous?”

Taimur's Cameo In March

Taimur’s Cameo In March

Recently, Taimur stepped out of the house with his parents for a walk as the country is getting ready to unlockdown. However, the couple was schooled for stepping out for a stroll with a young kid. Back in April, Saif and Kareena had revealed during an interview that, Taimur is happy to have both parents back home all the time. “He’s just happy to have his parents around and that gives us a lot of positivity. We paint and spend time with each other as a family, and that’s, like I said, a silver lining in this lockdown,” the actor said.

Kareena, like a proud mother, has been sharing clips of Taimur’s art and pictures of them spending some time together on social media.

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