Taapsee Pannu On Media Reporting Of Sushant Case | You Can Not Misuse Power To Influence People

Taapsee Pannu On Media Reporting Of Sushant Case | You Can Not Misuse Power To Influence People



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Taapsee Pannu has faced unfair attacks by her fellow colleague Kangana Ranaut, for allegedly trying to divert from the Sushant Singh Rajput case. But in Taapsee’s defence, the actress has only tried to not make Sushant’s death about settling personal scores and holding back opinions where they are not necessary, so as to let the law takes its course.

In a recent interview, Taapsee talked about the media trial of Sushant’s case and how it is preceding and superseding the law. Talking about how the media is creating perceptions and pushing one sided narratives and not presenting the complete picture, she asserted that everyone is pushing their agendas using Sushant’s case.

Taapsee Shared Her Opinion On The 'Media Circus' That Followed Sushant's Death

Taapsee Shared Her Opinion On The ‘Media Circus’ That Followed Sushant’s Death

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Taapsee said, “I’ve maintained that I’ll never make someone’s death a personal vendetta, or a way to get through people who I have issues with or just to create a drama around to get attention which I can see a lot of people doing right now. I’ve always seen him (Sushant) on screen as an actor, but now I’m seeing things being spoken about him, his personal life, family, love life, habits and god knows what all, on TV in such big debates on prime time with some really high level dramatics and conspiracy theories being thrown all over the place.”

She Questioned Media's One-Sided Narrative

She Questioned Media’s One-Sided Narrative

Continuing, Taapsee said that she is not able to understand if these channels are taking over the work of the court and CBI because they’re passing statements. She said that she always thought news debates are about putting forth two sides of the story but she feels, right now, it is only one side which is being forced and decisions being made on that.

She also pointed at how news channels are making conclusions, trying to create a perception and giving verdicts even before the court and CBI’s decision of the case.

'It's Not Media's Job To Give Verdicts'

‘It’s Not Media’s Job To Give Verdicts’

Taapsee further said, “So, I feel there’s some circus, for the lack of a better word, that has been created on TV and it is making the audience feel delusional about the law this country is supposed to follow. You can’t misuse the power you have to influence people, on TV, to give verdicts when it’s not your job. It’s clearly like an opinion is being forced upon and one particular side being pushed down out throats.

On People Pushing Agendas Using Sushant's Death

On People Pushing Agendas Using Sushant’s Death

She added, “Initially I was very curious to know what really happened with this very amazing actor, but now, slowly over months when I am seeing this, it looks like everyone is trying to push some of their personal agenda.”

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