Suspend Team Kangana Trends | Here Is Why Netizens Want Kangana Ranaut Twitter Account Suspended

Netizens Want Kangana’s Account To Be Suspended; Here’s Why

#SuspendTeamKangana is trending on the internet after Kangana Ranaut’s official Twitter handle, which is said to be managed by her digital media team, was authenticated by Twitter.

The hashtag #SuspendTeamKangana seems to have gone viral due to the negativity and hate that netizens feel Team Kangana Ranaut has been spreading, particularly so after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. According to netizens, Kangana, who claims to be fighting for Sushant’s justice among other things, is only using the actor’s death to further her personal agendas.

See what netizens had to tweet about #SuspendTeamKangana:

“From 2015 since the date @KanganaTeam is on twitter until 2020. Not a single tweet on Sushant or his films. But after his unfortunate demise this hatemonger started using his tragic Death for her agenda. Sharam Karo Kangana Bots.”

“Crucial case of SSR been deliberately diverted by Kangana Ranaut by spreading Fake news and baseless allegations on many people….We request @TwitterIndia To suspend

@KanganaTeam Kangan Claims – Bhansali kicked SSR from his movies.”

“Kangana has been doing nothing but spreading hate on other people through her team’s account in the name of justice. There’s no place for such a hateful account. Please #SuspendTeamKangana @TwitterIndia.”

“Here the account @KanganaTeam is making a violent threat to Alia Bhatt. “Split her head into two” is clearly a death threat not only that she used slurs in the tweet too. Suspend this account if you seriously prohibit content that promotes harm. @twitterindia #SuspendTeamKangana.”

“#SuspendTeamKangana Couple of months back when Rangoli’s Twitter account was suspended, she and her sister termed @TwitterIndia antinational & vowed not to use this platform again. Today they are again spreading the filth on same platform. Just listen @ReallySwara @taapsee.”

Earlier this year, Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter account was suspended for ‘spreading fake news and inciting hatred against people’.

Interestingly, Kangana had reacted to this by urging the central government to shut down social media platforms like Twitter. “We need to find a way to demolish social media platforms like Twitter who earn money of Indians,” she had said in a video posted on her Instagram handle.

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