Sushant Singh Rajput Was Murdered Using Pet Dog’s Belt, Claims His Ex-Assistant With Justification

Sushant Singh Rajput Was Murdered Using Pet Dog's Belt, Claims His Ex-Assistant With Justification



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Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has become a mystery. With half of people calling it a suicide, and the other half calling it a well-planned murder, it’s difficult to know what’s the truth until CBI investigation comes to an end. Amid all the hullabaloo around Sushant’s death, his ex-assistant, Ankit Acharya has made shocking revelations. Ankit used to be Sushant’s personal assistant staying with him 24*7.

While speaking to Pinkvilla, Ankit said that he does not believe that Sushant died by suicide. While justifying his take, he Ankit explained, “I knew Sushant bhaiya really well. I can’t believe it’s a suicide. It’s definitely a murder. Even if we accept Sushant bhaiya hung himself, then when it’s a suicide, the mark is in U-shape always. But when someone strangulates you, it’s always in O shape.”


He further added, “In Sushant bhaiya’s case, it’s an O shaped mark. When it’s a suicide, a man’s eyes protrude out, tongue comes out, there’s foam. None of it was there in Sushant bhaiya’s body. So it’s definitely a case of murder.”

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He also shared that the mark on Sushant’s neck is of his pet dog Fudge’s belt.

“Uss belt ki nishaani hai woh. I still have the pictures (of his dead body) and I still investigate the pics and feel this. The culprits used Sushant’s pet dog Fudge’s belt to strangulate him to death,” added Ankit.

Ankit also urged the culprits to be punished and given a death sentence. “I’m very happy with the case being transferred to CBI. I want a thorough investigation and hope Sushant sir gets justice. I want the culprits to be hanged till death,” said Ankit.

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