Sushant Singh Rajput Ex-Teammate Reveals How Badly Me Too Allegations Disturbed The Actor

Sushant Singh Rajput Ex-Teammate Reveals How Badly Me Too Allegations Disturbed The Actor



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The way Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has turned into a mystery, it has left each follower of the deceased actor rooting for the truth to come out in the public, so that the family of Sushant gets justice. Sushant breathed his last on June 14, 2020, and since then, there are several reports surfacing about his death. While CBI is continuing the investigation, we’re keeping our readers well-informed about each and every latest update.

Now, an entertainment portal reports how Sushant was restless for a couple of nights, when he learned about #MeToo allegations against him. Sushant’s ex-teammate Samuel Haokip reveals how tough it was for Sushant, as well as his team to cope up with the damage that was done at the time.


Samuel told Pinkvilla, “I had just moved in with them to the Pali Hill flat. All the discussions were together in the team. Kushal was slightly closer so he was privy to more such conversations. But yes, legally we were also discussing the recourse after the allegations came out.”

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Talking about how badly Sushant was affected personally, he shared, “We had a lot of sleepless nights after the #MeToo allegations against #SushantSinghRajput. That was the time when Sanjana had left for the States. There were two-three nights which were really stressful.”

Samuel also wished that had Sanjana picked up the phone, and responded on time, Sushant wouldn’t have had to go through the mental torture.

“Sushant had a huge following on social media so he must have received a lot of comments. At such a time, every second you lose can be damaging to your reputation. Any kind of omission also contributes to a lot of damage. If Sanjana had picked up the phone and responded on the first day, the damage would have been less, compared to answering after a few days. So legally, I feel the damage was already done by the time she responded,” asserted Samuel.

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