Sudeep Opens Up About His Physical Transformation And Daily Routine Under COVID-19 Lockdown

Sudeep Opens Up About His Physical Transformation And Daily Routine Under COVID-19 Lockdown



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Like most of us, Sudeep is spending time at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. In a recent interview with the Times of India, the actor opened up about the new normal whilst stating that he’s been using this time to decompress and work on his physical transformation for Anup Bhandari’s Phantom.

Sudeep said, “Personally, I like to wake up every day and go to work – without wasting time. Trust me, I do not like to waste time even now. But, this whole quarantine is telling us to slow down. Everyone is busy running – and we all know what we are chasing. We need to slow down and let nature breathe, as this is a better environment for all of us. This is a time for one to think, recoup and reconstruct – get yourself together.”


On being quizzed about the pictures he recently shared on social media of his chiseled physique, the actor replied by stating: “I had time. I also realized one doesn’t need an entire gym setup – one only needs a fixed frame of mind. I cook a lot and bake a lot, but I have been feeding others. People love to eat, but I maintain something and it makes me feel better. This is not to send a statement and prove a point. We all need to understand that no one’s growing younger, but you can buy time. It is all about a lifestyle, it is a takeaway. I have always made time for fitness during shoots, now I am fixed on this lifestyle. I switch off for a couple of hours daily every morning and evening and play some music. I love it when no one is around.”

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