Soundarya Sharma On Opting Out Of Repatriation Flight From USA: ‘The Priority Is Not Me’

Soundarya Sharma On Opting Out Of Repatriation Flight From USA: 'The Priority Is Not Me'



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Actress Soundarya Sharma is currently stranded in the USA amid the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. She was in Los Angeles to attend an acting course at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Soundarya had approached the Indian embassy and Ministry of External Affairs for assistance to return back to India.


However, according to the latest reports, the actress has opted out of travelling by the repatriation flight phase one, so that people who are in distress can travel back home first.

An IANS report quoted Soundarya as saying, “I am certainly missing my folks back home but the priority is not me. It’s for those who are in a difficult situation here and have to get back. As it’s a must have for them and I always have felt my happiness should not be at anyone’s cost. My appeal was for the people and I am so thankful to everyone for mission VANDE BHARAT.”

Soundarya, along with more than 400 Indians including students, is stuck in the US amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The actress had earlier said, “I would humbly request the Indian embassy and the MEA for a stimulus package for all those students and fellow Indians who are stuck here to help overcome this situation and hopefully arrange an evacuation flight back to India.”

Talking about her films, Soundarya Sharma played the lead role in the film Ranchi Diaries. The film was produced by Anupam Kher.

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