Sonu Sood On A Migrant Woman Naming Her Newborn Son After Him: That Was So Sweet; I Was Touched

Sonu Sood On A Migrant Woman Naming Her Newborn Son After Him: That Was So Sweet; I Was Touched



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Amid the nationwide lockdown owing to the Novel Coronavirus, Sonu Sood has been arranging food and buses for stranded migrants to reach their native places. Recently, the actor helped a pregnant migrant woman reach her village safely during the lockdown. Touched by Sonu’s kind gesture, the lady named her newborn son after him.


While speaking with noted journalist and film critic Anupama Chopra, the Simmba actor revealed that the woman’s family called him up, and informed him that she has named the baby Sonu Sood. When he asked them how could they give their son a different surname, he was told the child would bear his surname as his middle name.

“I said, how can it be Sonu Sood as you are Shrivastav. It could probably be Sonu Shrivastav, but she said, ‘Nahi humney bachche ka naam Sonu Sood Shrivastav rakha hai.’ That was so sweet; I was touched,” Sonu told Anupama Chopra.

Sonu also narrated an incident when he came across a group of around 8 migrants who were walking on the highway to reach their village in Karnataka. The actor said that when he learnt that they had lost all hope of being able to survive in the city, he managed to convince them to wait for some time until he can make arrangements for them to reach home by bus.

The actor also shared his favourite memory from his recent stint of helping out the migrants, and revealed that he will always remember the moment when they all boarded the bus, sang songs and clapped for him while leaving for their villages.

“I was deeply saddened to see them walking with their little children on foot. These are the people who built our houses, our offices, they have laid the roads and I feel that we should not leave them in such distress. I thought that I have to come forward to help them and that is why I personally spoke to the governments, local as well as state, and got the arrangements done,” Sonu was earlier quoted as saying by IANS.

He further added, “I always believe that expressing grief on social media isn’t enough, it is very important to take some action. I don’t say that everyone should come out for help but I feel that God has made me his source for helping them. At this point these people needed a token of trust, a belief that there is somebody who is there for them.”

Sonu revealed that he had started this initiative with his close friends and family, but now, he has been receiving support from volunteers as well. Talking about the safety precautions, the actor said that he always keeps safety kits with him.

Last month, Sonu offered his six-storey hotel in Juhu as a residential facility to doctors and medical staff treating COVID-19 patients.

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