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Sonu Sood is the next Amitabh Bachchan, says Twitter, his reply will win you over

New Delhi: Actor Sonu Sood is working tirelessly to help migrant workers stranded in different parts of Maharashtra to reach their homes across India due to the nationwide lockdown. He has won over the hearts of Indians with his kind gesture and has found a permanent spot on the trends list. The good samaritan is quite active on Twitter too as people are reaching out to him via social media and he responds in kind.

After giving Sonu Sood tags like ‘Twitter Hero’, ‘India’s Real Hero’, ‘Home Minister’, Twitter has called the actor ‘the next Amitabh Bachchan’.

A Twitter user posted that over a period of time, Sonu Sood will have to take day-offs on Sundays as people would queue up outside his home to meet him, just like the way fans gather outside Big B’s Jalsa bungalow for the meet and greet session every Sunday.

“Jab sab thik ho jayega, uske baad aapko har Sunday shoot se chutti leni padegi. Log apse milne aenge. Jo log Mumbai ghumne ayenge wo puchenge ki Sonu Sood ka ghar kahan hain. Sonu Sood agla Amitabh Bachchan,” read the tweet. And, soon, the ‘Dabangg’ actor’s tweet won over hearts. He replied. “Wo kyu mere ghar ayenge dost, mai un sab ke ghar jaunga. Bahut sare aloo paranthe, paan aur chai udhar hai mere doston pe.”

Sonu Sood has been setting examples for the entire country to follow. In an interview to Zee News recently, he revealed that he plans to do the work until he is able to send all the migrants to their homes and it gives him immense satisfaction to see these people reunite with their families.

“I will be on the roads until all the workers reach home. I am not concerned about the hardwork it takes, I am determined to send them to their families. My phone rings constantly, my social media accounts are flooded with messages. I try to reach out to everyone possible,” said the 46-year-old actor.

Meanwhile, he has launched a toll-free number to facilitate the migrants to reach their home.

Moved by the plight of troubled migrants walking several miles without food and water to reach their home, he facilitated the bus services. Sonu has transported workers to far off states such as Karnataka, Bihar, Jharkhand and UP.

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