Sofia Hayat Says She Is Dating An Athlete & Is In A Happy Space In Life

Sofia Hayat Says She Is Dating An Athlete & Is In A Happy Space In Life



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Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat is one of the controversial celebrities in the showbiz. She has been in news for her personal matter. It has to be recalled that she was dating cricketer Rohit Sharma almost a decade ago. She had also married Romanian interior designer Vlad Stanescu in 2017, but the duo parted ways after she accused him of being a con man. Now British model-turned-actress is dating an athlete and she revealed that she is in a happy space in life.

She was quoted by TOI as saying, “It has been years since I broke with Rohit, but people still talk about it. It is silly for people to do so. He has moved on and has a family now. Similarly, I’ve also moved ahead with my life. I’m now dating a man, who is a professional athlete. I’m in a happy space in my life and don’t want my past to stress me anymore.”

Sofia Hayat

The actress celebrated her birthday recently. She recalled the birthday that she celebrated in Bigg Boss 7 house and said that it will always be special memory. She revealed that this year, she celebrated her birthday with her friends and boyfriend in London.

She said, “I remember I once celebrated my birthday in the Bigg Boss house. That will always remain a special memory. I’m a positive person and I always focus on all the positive things in life. This year, I celebrated my birthday in London with my friends and boyfriend. I am happy here.”

It has to be recalled that a few years ago, Sofia made headlines after she announced she was embracing spirituality and becoming a nun. She even changed her name to Gaia Sofia Mother.

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