Shekhar Kapur On Sushant Singh Rajput Death | I Knew The Story Of People That Let You Down So Bad

Shekhar Kapur On Sushant Singh Rajput Death | I Knew The Story Of People That Let You Down So Bad



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The tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput is hard to sink in. Sushant, who hanged himself in his Mumbai home, was allegedly suffering from depression. Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur revealed in a tweet that Sushant would often weep on his shoulder because of the people that had let him down bad. He added that what happened to him was their karma, not Sushant’s. Shekhar wished he had been around for Sushant during the last six months.

Shekhar On Sushant: You Would Weep On My Shoulder

Shekhar wrote, “I knew the pain you were going through. I knew the story of the people that let you down so bad that you would weep on my shoulder. I wish Iwas around the last 6 months. I wish you had reached out to me. What happened to you was their Karma. Not yours. #SushantSinghRajput.”

Few other Bollywood celebrities, such as Kangana Ranaut, slammed the others in the industry for making Sushant feel like a leftover. Karan Johar wrote a heartfelt note on how he blames himself for not being in touch with Sushant the last year. He also wrote that Sushant’s death has come as a wake up call for him.

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When Shekhar first heard the news about Sushant’s death, he had tweeted, “Dear Sushant, there was so much more you had to offer. Perhaps the world was not up to your beliefs.. you should not have gone like this …but then you were an old wise soul in a restless young body. Often the heavens cannot handle that ..”

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Sushant and Shekar were to work together on a movie titled Paani. But it got shelved because Yash Rahj Films, one of its producers, backed out. In an old tweet, Shekhar had praised Sushant by writing that he had never met an actor who worked so hard as he did.

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