Shakti Kapoor Says His Heart Cries Out Looking At The Migrant Worker Crisis

Shakti Kapoor Says His Heart Cries Out Looking At The Migrant Worker Crisis



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Shakti Kapoor has been taking to his social media handles to express how devastated he is looking at the migrant worker crisis and sufferings of daily wage workers due to the Coronavirus lockdown. In a recent interview, Shakti said that his heart cries looking at the condition of migrants. He worries that the help that is reaching them is limited, and hopes the authorities come up with a comprehensive plan to address the crisis.

Shakti Says His Heart Cries Looking At The Migrant Crisis

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Shakti said, “My heart cries looking at the condition of the migrants. There was a woman who gave birth to a child on the road and after some time, she continued to walk. Some are surviving by eating leaves, while others are dying of hunger and run over by trains and vehicles. There are small children as well who are walking miles, barefoot and with no food and water. How can anybody be okay after watching this? I can’t do much except for donating money. I urge the Government to create an authorised NGO or pan-India initiative to ensure that help reaches out to them.”

Shakti lauded the efforts of celebrities like Sonu Sood in helping out migrant workers in these difficult times.

He continued, “The help is only restricted to their nearby place. How can one reach those people who are on the highways? We should run all the local buses to reach them and get them to a proper shelter care. And that only the Government can do. Crores of rupees have been donated for the relief funds but it has not reached the migrants. This problem could have been solved in a week’s time but people didn’t take action at the right time.”

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